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We specialize in migrating your business application into the cloud while saving you up to 70% in costs

Whether you run a single page app or a complex multi-tiered micro-services driven application, we can help improve stability, speed, security, latency and throughput while dramatically reducing your infrastructure and data center costs. We achieve this through careful planning and lean architecture design followed by world class execution.


We build highly scalable, cost effective solutions for your everyday problems.


5 benefits of moving to the cloud

  • Security:

    Cloud providers such as AWS offer unparalleled application and infrastructure security. From your APIs to your Contact Forms, we have you covered.
  • Stability:

    Happy users means a happy you. Stability was the reason "The Cloud" was born. With multi region and multi availability zone failover architecture, your application will always be running. Services auto scaling will ensure that your application always has the resources it requires to run with minimum latency.
  • Focus:

    Let the cloud handle your application hosting, deployment and infrastructure. Your time is better spent building cool stuff. The cloud eliminates the headaches of having to maintain data centers, servers, networking, etc., so that you can focus on what matters.
  • Speed:

    Not only companies that use the cloud release software faster, they write more of it. Deploying an entire 3 tier stack is now a matter of minutes rather than months. The ability to efficiently provide updates and bug fixes on the fly is priceless.
  • Cost Savings:

    There are no upfront costs with the cloud. There are no servers to buy, no cables to run, no datacenter fees. Since you only pay for the resources that you use, you will never waist money on unused capacity. You will also save on server upgrade, patching and update fees.

Cloud Computing Trends: 2018 State of the Cloud Survey.
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% of organizations using cloud in one form or another


% of growth in serverless technology adoption


% of cloud spend growth from $146 billion in 2017 to $178 billion in 2018


% Of Enterprise Workloads that Will Be In The Cloud By 2020

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We have a wide range of service offerings from Cloud Migration to Serverless Implementation to Big Data Architecture
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is the process of moving business software application, data and architecture from on premise and/or local datacenter to the public cloud. We take care of all phases of your project from discovery all the way through implementation.

Cloud Migration -
Audit and Documentation

Understanding your software and infrastructure is crucial for dependability and future growth of your business. We can audit and document virtually all of your systems to ensure stability, compliance, durability, and scalability.

Audit and Documentation -

Software and infrastructure architecture is an art. With a sea of different programming languages, frameworks and cloud providers, it is extremely easy to over-engineer your application. We focus on lean and extremely scalable architecture with the use of technologies like serverless, CDN Edge computing and more.

Architecture -


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